Saturday, February 11, 2012

When Baking Goes BITTER..

Ok so the idea for this failure of a  recipe came to me the day before my sister was to go back to school and begin year 11. I was sick of watching her run out the door with the most hopeless "breakfast" excuses. My beloved sisters idea of breakfast would range from something as healthy as an apple on the go to a can of red bull and a slice of last nights chocolate cake. I just had to do something about it and I had to do it fast(don't you wish all sisters were as caring and nurturing as me?!)! Now I have tried the concept of proper breakfast muffins with her before. They were made with toasted granola and different types of fruits which failed horribly as they weren't 'what she likes'. After lots and lots of thinking,the idea for white chocolate banana muffins came to me and so I set out to write up the recipe on my own,fail again.
As optimistic as I was about making these muffins, things went wrong, horribly wrong which is why I have labelled this baking experience as being very bitter! I have since learnt to actually read through my ten thousand cook books when I need a recipe and accept the fact that I shouldn't make up my own recipes..yet.
I am looking for a new and improved back to school muffin recipe which I will hopefully succeed with and post sometime next week, for now I will share with you my tips on what NOT TO DO when baking, I am sure you guys already know  all these things, clearly I don't ! Oh well, you live and you learn :)

What NOT to do when baking: 
1- Do not use a million ingredients,keep it simple
2- Do not melt the butter so it becomes runny, its best to let it soften at room temperature
3-Do not add choc-chips to the recipe without tossing them in a spoon of flour first, this ensures they don't sink to the bottom
4- Do not bake in a kitchen alongside your mother and sister whilst they argue continuously about whether an episode of The Kardashians is more important then homework
5-Try your best to sift all dry ingredients!
6-Do not add eggs to the butter-sugar mixture if the butter is still warm as it starts the cooking process and does not allow the cake to rise as it should.
7-Do not put the tray into the oven unless you have pre-heated it
8- Do not rush baking, it is a process that takes time, love and lots of patience

I promise my next post will be a whole lot sweeter then this one as it is going to be a valentines day special. So whether you are baking for your wonderful single self or that special someone, Don't forget to check back here Monday for a recipe that will ensure an unforgettable valentines ;)

Happy Baking!

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  1. Thanks for these tips Jessica! I can count at least 5 dont's on your list up there that has resulted in some disastrous concoctions of my own! Looking forward to your Valentines post :)